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some of my drawins in flash

2008-09-02 18:20:03 by mundoleches

i can do a verrry great animation if i have the time and the desicion of doit, cause im a great animator.

some of my drawins in flash


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2008-09-02 18:35:13

hahahaha i love the one that under the guy theres a pe*** hahah funny,but y fav of all of them is the one sitting down he looks kool but PRETTY NICE PIC

(Updated ) mundoleches responds:

yea i think that to, hem name is dreim, also u can see her trailer in this link
its great, check, vote 5 and write a review, ok?


2008-09-03 10:11:50

haha esta chido el caballero medio maricon
y estoy deacuerdo
con taichu
se ve chido esa verga abajo del esa bato
aunke algo extra├▒o

se cuida

mundoleches responds:

jajaja gracias, de echo tengo varias animaciones de ellos pero no las e subido a newgrounds por peresa, aver si al rato las subo estate pendiente.


2008-09-08 00:56:46

dude u are a fuckin queer